About Me

Hello! My name is Earvin Ramos, and I’m a game developer in sunny Southern California. One simple tenant has guided my career:

A light heart and passion that keeps development fun is key, and that true and honest spirit translates to the player.

And so, I work to foster that sense wherever I work and to whatever teams I join. I want to keep that snowball rolling. That raw creation inspires me, and hopefully will guide me to my next landmark.

For a quick glance at things I’ve worked on, please look below. For more information on each design-oriented project, please click on the navigation bar at the top of the page to learn more information on each project as well as my personal reflections on them.

Selected Projects


New World (Quest Design) [2021]

I helped create a large amount of early content for New World, being assigned entire zones and ownership of the entire Quest pipeline in those zones. The lore for New World was inspiring to work with, and exploring that lore was an amazing experience.

LightWalk Original Soundtrack Cover Art

Project: Altered Memory (Technical Design) [2023]

This is a portfolio project in Unreal Engine I created to explore how Unreal handles Fixed Camera Perspective and to create workflows that make developing these kinds of Adventure/Survival Horror experiences in Unreal easier.

LightWalk Original Soundtrack Cover Art

Project: Bloodlust (Technical Design) [2022]

This is a portfolio project in Unreal Engine I created to explore concepts of Fighting Game design, and creating workflows for Fighting Games in Unreal.

LightWalk Original Soundtrack Cover Art

LightWalk (Sound Design / Composition) [2016]

I created the sound effects and background music for LightWalk, an independent puzzle platformer. This project was fun, working together with a small indie team to create a sonic profile that matched the unique mechanics of the game was a huge treat.

Quality Assurance

New World (Test Associate II) [2020]

Before pivoting to the Design team, I did Quality Assurance work on New World as well. As part of the Engine section of the team, I was in charge of testing new editor features before they were delivered to designers as well as monitoring rendering quality and performance.

LightWalk Original Soundtrack Cover Art

Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR (QA Analyst) [2018]

As an early VR title, Planet of the Apes VR was a great project to do Quality Assurance work on to get early experience with not only unique VR testing workflows but also exploring requirements that Oculus and Playstation had adopted for TRC and VRC testing.