Project: LightWalk

This is the trailer for an independently developed game called “LightWalk” that is a featured part of my portfolio. It shows off the features of the game as well as the sound effects and music I made specifically for the project.

Personal Productions and Music

This is a collection of three tracks that explore general music production, taking inspiration from friends that are fellow musicians, my favorite video games, and inspirational musicians I’ve listened to. Chaos Brew is a reimagining of a track by a friend @SaxxonFox on twitter, the Karazhan remix is taken from the One Night in Karazhan trailer released by Blizzard earlier this year, and Constructed Music; lofi dreams is a take on the sampling style found in Jet Set Radio’s soundtrack by Hideki Naganuma, as well as Jun Seba’s works as nujabes.

Compositions and BGM

Here is a small collection of works I’ve done on a few projects specifically aimed at video games. The first set of tracks is from the LightWalk project I worked with a few colleagues from Cal Poly. We formed a small collective named “Timeless Games,” and went into independent development. This led into a successful Greenlight campaign and listing on the Steam platform. Tentatively titled the “Taylor” project, the second set of tracks is from a personal project that I’m working on in between looking for further work in the industry.

Sound Effects Design

This is a quick tour and application of the sound effects design I worked for LightWalk. Custom built for the game and fully synthed, they helped capture both the futuristic design and concept of the game while staying true to the 8-bit inspired sprite and texture work.